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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police are investigating a body found inside an apartment. the latest. >> reporter: just a couple of minutings ago, another crime scene investigation van, probably the 2nd or 3rd one that we've seen, arab arrived here at the arium resort apartment. detectives have been here since about 5:30 this evening. just a short time ago, a spokesperson cop firmed this is a murder investigation.
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with people as crime scene investigators worked to gather items. i spoke to a police captain. he said this investigation is in its initial stages. police will only say that an adult black male is the vic film residents we spoke with did not want to talk on camera but did tell us they are very concerned about this latest act of violence here. our air chives -- our archives show this place is familiar with violence. a system was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery. as soon as we get more details, we'll bring them to you. >> kerry, thank you. now at 11, miami-dade police investigate the shooting of an 18-year-old that happened in broad daylight.
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bullet casings on the street. donna rapato joins us live. >> reporter: the q1 gunman or gunmen are still on the run. police are among the many people who have had enough of this. >> i heard again of a young male shot. >> reporter: miami-dade police and their director swarm northwest 52ened street and 26th avenue after yet another deadly shooting of a teenager. ed think harris sr. also rushed to the crime scene where his 18- year-old son eddie harris jr. lay dead. the gunman or gunmen fired you off so many rounds, investigators mark master's degree than 40 shell casings. emotions high here as harris sr. and others looked on. >> i'm upset right now. >> they shot him up last year.
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>> reporter: church pastor eric re it dden and police captain juan perez are 2 local leaders fed you up with the deadly gun violence. at least a dozen teenagers and a few children have been kill aid cross miami-dade. >> somebody saw something. >> at tram day with gun violence. we need the people who saw something to say something. >> reporter: police have little to go on. they rhyme you if you do decide to call crimestoppers, can you receive a reward for the right
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we're live at mdpd, couldn't that rapato. miami-dade police are telling us the family involved in this reck are okay thanks in part to a good samaritan. police say a passer-by helped them out. it's almost time for the very first votes to be cast for the next president of the united states. iowa. s cause kaw cost on monday. hying and bernie sanders are neck and neck. clinton apparently has 36% versus sanders who has 44%. on the republican side, the average of polls puts donald trump at 31%, ted cruz at 35%, and marco rubio at 19%. the rest of the candidates are
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now lets get you live to craig boswell in iowa city, iowa. >> reporter: good evening to you. a lot can change between now and monday. tonight, there was another wrinkle in the hillary clinton e-mail story. >> reporter: hillary clinton did not talk about the scandal in e-mails. >> everything i just said, the republicans disagree with. >> reporter: the obama administration says they -- they won't talk about the e- mails. senator bernie sanders relesioned a statement saying this legal issue should not be politicized and the voters deserve a serious discussion of the issues that face them. republicans jumped on news.
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member on my staff had done that, they would have been fire and probably prosecuted. >> whether hillary get indicted has to do if the obamaed a my strags wants her to get indicted. >> reporter: here in iowa, it fell on party lines. >> she should be in jail. >> it's a non-issue. miy. >> reporter: the candidates criss-cross iowa ahead of monday's caucuses. >> reporter: while this is gaining traction, it remains to be seen how this will play out if it will matter at all between now and monday's caucuses. one thing's for sure, there are always surprises, and there are a lot of undecided voters. it remains to be seen how they interpret it. rick, back to uh-uh. >> all right, craig. thank you very much.
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northwest 12th avenue and 6th street in miami. in miami. he demands the teenager's patience. >> the guy said give me your bracelet, or i'll shoot you. >> he had a gun. >> reporter: this was quick. the entire robbery, 20 secs. the teenager was not physically hurt. tonight, miami-dade police are investigating a deadly home invasion. police say 4 men forced their way into a gated community. a fight then broke out between one of the crooks and a man
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a man ended up shot and killed. 3 poasht teaches got wake but no wonder whether they took anything. california investigators and the 2 remaining environment fugitives who broke out of the jail are in san jose and may be headed for fresno. the escaped inmate said he was he went to san jose. more trouble with the flint water crisis in michigan. lead levels may be too high for filters to deal with. their water is being retested. flint declared a public health emergency last october due to the water supply of lead contamination. now to the super bowl with 2016.
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protect tens of thousands. it's so on the down low, we can't tell you where it is. >> and guiling intimate in an interview. the kinky accusations against a south florida attorney and her inmate client. >> and check this out. this shark looks pretty ugly. >> and it's nice to get these el n noirks storms. but el nino is still active. what does that mean for the week and next week?
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now to super bowl 50, and a look inside the fbi's expand center for game security. >> it's so secret, we can't tell you where it is. do you know where it is? >> i don't know where it is. >> davis fe lerks y shows you how they plan to protecttous of people. >> reporter: we're at heart of fbi super bowl security planning area. it's housed in a non-script being where from which hundreds of agents, analysts, and local law enforcement officers will
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>> our mission is to prevent terrorist attacks. >> reporter: for a year now, this agent has been planning a security blitz for the big game. >> the fbi will bring in a few hundred personnel to help support this event. a lot of them will be located here at the operations center. thai they're at the state yum and events in san francisco. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies will have their own officers. the fbi showed off the oacial. the biggest security challenge may not be a terrorist network, but an individual acting alone. a so-called lone wolf. >> there's not always full
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>> reporter: the fbi's team will try to sniff out potential problems, both in cyberspace and the real old. >> i am confident in the planning and i am confident that we will be able to get through the next so days without a significant event. >> reporter: the fbi says their expand post will be fully staffed and running this weekend. in sapp that clara r, cbs 4 news tonight. south florida cowl soon land what will be our biggest super bowl. the miami dolphins showed off the improvements at sun life stadium. they include the new seating, new suites, and the canopy that will provide shade for almost everyone watching the game.
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knows how to host a super bowl with eyes closed. >> south florida is compete with new orleans, tampa, and atlanta. the final pitches are in april. a lawyer is banned from every broward county jail. she's accused of having sex with an inmate inside one of the jails. joan murray spoke with her. >> reporter: no is about all defense attorney michelle david can say about what did or did not happen sexualliy between and her her client, israel granda. granda was in an interview room with michelle when a deputy detention agent said he observed her with her skirt raised.
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causing her skirt to fall back into position. >> absolutely nothing was happening. >> reporter: through her lawyer, michelle denies string sex. >> they have a right urn the 6th amendment to counsel and are not being allowed to see their counsel at this time. >> everyone knows jessica to be a thorough, well-prepared, and very tenacious lawyer. >> reporter: acoding to a court blogger who's worked with michelle, the allegations are not new. >> everyone has been talking about this for weeks, because there was apparently some other jailhouse incident a few weeks ago. then she was terminated with the counsel where she was working. she could with b suspended and disbarred.
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what they can prove. >> she has done nothing wrong wrong. we're prepared to fight not only for her right bus but her client's rites. a health aher on the fears over zika. in brazil, they're trying a new weapon against the mosquito- borne virus. thai releasing genetically- modified mosquitoes. if they meat, they -- if they mate, they will produce mosquitoes that will not be able to live to adulthood. several spar power adapters aring with being recalled because they can cause electric shock. they were included in the apple world travel adapter kit. apple said in very rare case,
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risk of electrical shock if touched. an iranian drone flew over the persian gulf. a navy helicopter was able to determine it was not weapon noised. iran says one of their sub submarines was able to get video of it. this happened on january 12, same day 12 american sailors were captured by iran. disaster at sea off the coast of france. yet thankfully everyone on this cargo ship is safe tonight. the ship sent out a distress call on tuesday. nobody know what caused the ship to start sinking. it has stopped taking on water for now. a new video is out. apparently, it's a shark eat
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cameras at an aquarium in south korea capturing a 7.2 foot female sand shark slowly devouring her sloar male tankmate. so slowly that the feasting lasted 21 hours as the aquarium's biggest shark swallowed the 5-year-old banded hound shark. the chow down was reportedly the result of daughter have fight. >> and those poor kids that are there to see the nice sharks are looking on. >> the circle of life, i guess. pretty nice weekend in store. something ted -- instead of run of the mill showers, we have
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storms in there. the radar is it clear right now. what a beautiful shot from downtown o fort lauder dale. temperatures have already slipped into the mid-50s. 62 in key west. a light breeze, 3 mile answer hour, no rain today. tgi friday. we got through a day without any rain out here. dale. 52 in west kettle. some of you in the west suburbs will hit 45 in the morning, about lower 50s by the beaches. this is an indication that
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some increasing clouds will get warmer. we'll with b drier through the day tomorrow. moisture begins to roll in. and then that rain chance through most of monday, and then sliding off the coast. sun and clouds on saturday, pleasantly mild. good day for the beach jp goers as well. on saturday, it's perfect weather for the first party weekend. most of the weekend as well. back in the 80s after that with
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no tv event is watched by more people than the super bowl. >> that means a lot of pressure on people putting together the huge halftime show. >> that's beyonci and coldplay. kevin frazier gives us a progress report on how the halftime show is shaping. >> reporter: it will be a good time. it always is. here's what you can expect as we down the to the big game.
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will be a return performance. she killed it in 2013. i was right there when she came off the stage. >> reporter: you work so hard on this show. >> it's good to know that the hard work pays off. it's the biggest show in america. >> reporter: on cbs sunday morning, chris martin talks about coldplay's biggest week ever. >> because it's the 50st year, the nfl asked if we could celebrate the past and look to the future in 12 minutes. >> reporter: this may be the most-watched television event in history. that's not lost on the game's imraukers. >> everybody's excited. i know i am to call it. >> reporter: calling the game is cbs's a-team. this includes phil zims and superstar jim nance. they said the worst part is the constant ticket requests.
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the easy answer is i just say no. >> thank you, kevin. jim barry will be -- jim barr -- jim barry will be heading to the bay area to watch the game. the game will be here it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time.
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road-weary heat are starting to show signs of live. chris bosch staying warm outside while things were heating up in the 4th quarter. and this is the sign of an all- star. bosh, 3 points the old- fashioned way. he scores 20. but the pan they call the greek freak dunks over not 1, but 2 players. but this is dwayne wade's word and we're just alock for the ride. staying or going? that's what many san diego
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they'll play the 2016 and in san diego. nfl has pledged $300 towards a new stadium should they decide to stay put. there's rashad jones doing what he did all year, picking off passes. speaking of all-stars, panthers coach girard gallant was all smiles today in nash shrill. he and his cats are rolling. >> that's why it's special. each team is real good. you have fun and you work hard.
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>> baseball season is up in the corner. the canes are in a familiar position.
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some of special treat tonight as we say to the real sportscaster. you're not jim barry. >> you're mike cunio. >> and here i thought i would
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>> jerry seinfeld is doing
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